New Year's Resolutions That Pharmacists Will Definitely Stick To

How Do We Make 2018 Better Than 2017? We Follow These Simple Steps!

Stop Requesting For Shits In Your Town Or City

Spelling's quite important. Do you realise how many people write the word 'shit' instead of 'shift?' We see it on social media all the time, and it's a mistake that features heavily when we receive communications to our office. On average, we receive 3 requests for locum shits, every week. We will probably never have shits in your area. That goes for locum coordinators too. Stop asking us to post shits for you. Royal Mail won't allow it and we don't have time to do this. Sorry

Get Fitter Than Ever!

What's your excuse? Sure, you travel 3 hours every day either side of your 9 hour shift. And you sure, you want to see your family, friends and dog. An yeah, you want to relax & watch tv. And maybe you have kids. But what other excuse do you have for not getting to the gym every day for an hour? Try butt clenches in the car. Don't be afraid to do a few press ups and situps while counselling patients. Can you do some star jumps while checking scripts? Of course you can! Don't let a lack of time be an excuse for not exercising...

Actually finish the CPD Training That You Start

How many courses did you start last year, full of enthusiasm and with the attitude of someone who truly wanted to be the greatest pharmacist on the face of the planet? Imagine what you could achieve if you actually completed one of them? Imagine the sense of accomplishment! Go get yourself some professional accomplishment in 2018!

Stop Drinking

Everyone should stop drinking in 2018. Or maybe you should stop drinking any more than one glass of wine with dinner every night. Or maybe you could stop drinking on week nights altogether. I might start by only drinking on a Friday and Saturday. Actually, scrap all of that, terrible idea. I once tried Dry January and failed within 20 hours of it beginning!

Listen To Your Patients

Stop wondering who did their hair. Stop wondering how they were allowed to leave the house wearing that jacket. Stop wondering what that smell is. Stoping laughing at their children. Listen react and then you can judge them after they leave.

Practical Footwear

Ladies, stop wearing heels in the pharmacy. Yes, they look lovely and do wonders for your posture, but they're quite dangerous when you're running around, and you know that your feet will be sore in the evening. Guys, you don't need £90 shoes that will give you blisters and will see you slip across the tiles. Get yourselves some black or brown trainers for 2018, thank me later.

Eat a Proper Breakfast and Lunch

Put down the bacon butty and stop eating sweets for lunch! Stop drinking 8 cups of coffee and get some water in your life! Do you remember what fruit's like? Remember having it as a kid? Get yourself a packed lunch, take a banana and some oranges. Only eat rubbish on a Friday, like me!

Don't Eat Yellow Snow

Apparently there are still those among us who do in fact eat yellow snow. It's not healthy. If you need to, get one of those bumper stickers to remind you to stay away from the yellow stuff.

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Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team