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Find out how Locate a Locum helped Superdrug innovate their locum booking and revolutionise workforce management.

Workforce Management Platform

Focus on your customers and delivering services, not on administration.
Our Workforce Management Platform will help save time, control costs, accurately manage locum payments, and ensure your organisation is operating as efficiently as possible.

Improve Operational Efficiency across your Organisation

Accelerate management productivity and improve employee communication by simplifying workforce management.

Create Rotas & Fill Gaps

Publish your rota and instantly notify employees or locums of gaps via email, SMS or in app push notifications.

Improve Compliance

Fill gaps fast. Schedule and communicate with your employees using our app, putting your schedule in everyone’s pocket.

Streamlined Payments

Our smooth payment process allows you to view pending payments, including expenses in once place. Approve all your pending paymnets with just one click.

Management Reporting

Gain insight into your expenditure, run financial projections to prepare for busy locum periods.

Manage your locums and employees with our Scheduling Solution

Publish and create your rotas and instantly notify employees via email, SMS or push notifications.

See Gaps in your schedule at a glance and publish them to locums and staff with one click

Communicate with your employees or locum pool using our app, putting your schedule in everyone’s pocket.

Improve Compliance, Payments & Reporting

Ensure your staff remain compliant with the ability to view potential compliance & FTP issues at a glance

View pending payments, including expenses all in one place and approve them with once click dramatically cutting down on administration time

Our reporting suite allows you to track & forecast locum spend, find the market rate sweet spot and compare branch expenditure

Transform & Simplify

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