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  • Access our vast bank of over 7,000 locums!
  • Our software with notification service, means we fill positions, fast!
  • All LAL locums are quality checked and registered.
  • Reduce costs and time, let us do the leg work for you!

Why Post Your Permanent Pharmacist Job Openings With Us?

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We're here to make your job easier, locums don’t necessarily stay locums forever, so we’ve developed a permanent recruitment division to help them find the perfect, permanent pharmacist job! That's where you come in!

We help pharmacies fill their permanent job openings all over the UK and Ireland, for a variety of roles at all levels. Our permanent recruitment division enables pharmacies to reduce both costs and time, without diluting quality.

We Are Different

At Locate a Locum, we’re different from traditional recruitment agencies. We are specialist recruiters who only source pharmacist talent. Our market expertise, and our understanding of talent attraction drivers within the pharmacy sector, places us in the best possible position to attract the perfect candidate for your pharmacy.

We have the largest audience of pharmacists for any recruitment agency in the UK. Locate a Locum holds 7,000 pharmacist CVs, all of whom are actively looking for work. Our social media following reaches more than 10,000 pharmacists every week and our careers platform generates over 18,000 visits per month.

Our ability to communicate with your candidate market is second to none.
The team here at LAL are here to help you throughout your hiring process, to deliver high quality candidates and provide long term solutions for your business.


  1. Email to enquire about posting your permanent job with us. We'll take the details and post the ad on your behalf, easy!
  2. It's all about reach! Signup and gain access to our vast bank of locums, over 7,000!
  3. Gain access to high quality locums, we ensure all regulations are met and identity checks are carried out automatically.
  4. Fill positions fast! Our software with instant notification system, in addition to our bank of locums, means your positions are seen quickly and can be applied for in seconds!
  5. We're a software solution but with a friendly face - Do you need advice or just someone to talk to about your posting your permanent job? Arrange a call with our team, we would be happy to help.

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