Reporting is an essential part of any business. It allows for reflection and consideration of issues that may have been missed during the busy day to day. Particularly in carehomes, it is important to carry out detailed reporting so that high care standards can be maintained and the care home itself can be run as efficiently as possible and meet government requirements.

Our Reporting Solution offers easy reporting at the click of a button. Reports can be filtered by any dates required, eliminating any stress from shorter reporting times, such as daily or weekly, and increases accuracy over more long-term reporting strategies.

Keeping all of your reports in one place online minimises clutter and confusion in the admin office, and the platform makes things even more simple with clear visual dashboards.

Shift management

It’s important to review hours and shifts to make sure that round the clock care is being provided to residents. With this platform, you can see the total number of shifts posted and those which have been filled, providing greater clarity on how many gaps or vacant shifts are still in the care home’s schedule.

There is also a breakdown into who is filling those shifts: bank or employed staff. This gives a data-driven understanding of where your employees are typically coming from and whether it is worth investing time and energy into, for example, locating more direct employees, or seeking out more locums to fill in care home shifts.

Track costs

Knowing what is going out of your care home is an essential part of budgeting and must be reviewed regularly. Our platform gives you full financial oversight of your business to help you review your care home’s data rather than compile it.

For example, you can see the average hourly rate of your staff, as well as the total spend on either bank and permanent staff. This helps to give a better overview and thus an understanding of staff costs, rather than a disjointed folder of invoices.

If you have been using agencies to source staff, you can see the total spend on agencies by filterable dates, as well as the fees which agencies take, allowing for a fuller picture of costs in running your care home.

The ease of the compilation of these automatic reports is matched by the simplicity of sharing them. Export the information and send it however you like.

Maintain Governance

It is the responsibility of a care home to make sure that 100% of their staff meet governance requirements, and so reporting should be made as to identify anyone who does not have up to date documentation or may have fitness to practice issues brought against them.

We make this simple with a Compliance tab and the ability to filter by bank staff who, for example, have missing or expired mandatory documents, or those who have submitted the required documents but they have not yet been verified.

You can make more proactive decisions, as well, such as contacting bank staff whose mandatory documents are due to expire soon or changing shifts with locums who have active fitness to practice issues against them.

Effective reporting is key to the development and general upkeep of high-quality care in care homes. If you are interested in finding out more please complete the below form.

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