Whether you are searching for locum shifts or seeking permanent employment, it can be a difficult and overwhelming process to find that perfect opportunity. At Locate a Locum we have put together 5 easy to follow steps that can help you secure (and hopefully succeed!) at interview.

Step One: Decide which pharmacy pathway you would like to progress in

When you decide which pathway you want to explore, you’ll be able to search for job opportunities on the LaL platform. Whether it is a community, hospital, or industrial pharmacy role, you’ll be able to find an employer and workplace suitable for you. When you’ve found your dream job being advertised, and are hoping to apply, make sure to tailor your CV to its job description. We strongly advise against generic CVs as you can’t assume a one-size-fits approach for multiple employers. Think like the hiring manager and draft your CV to complement your skills and their requirements.

Step Two: Do your research into prospective employers

There is one guaranteed question that will be asked at interviews: tell us what you know about our company. You don't want to offend a prospective employer by having nothing to say, so do your research. Take some time before your interview to learn about their work, their people, and their culture. Check out the company website and any social media profiles connected to their brand - any news stories they share can be a good conversation starter for the interview!

Step Three: Invest time and effort in your personal development

Within pharmacy, there are many different services you can offer as a trained and qualified professional such as administering the flu jab, COVID19 vaccinations, clinical consultation, and independent prescribing. It is also important to highlight how your skills complement the digital revolution in healthcare exacerbated by the pandemic. From new ways of working to treating patients remotely, you should aim to differentiate yourself from fellow candidates.

Step Four: Showcase your skills and what you can bring to their company.

At the interview, you will be able to discuss your previous academic and professional experiences. Beyond this, also use the opportunity to showcase your interpersonal skills and your ability to build rapport with patients and customers. Highlight other skills and qualities you can bring to the table, whether digital, leadership and/or mentoring. Top tip - ensure all your official documentation, i.e. indemnity insurance is correct and updated so that if, and when, you get the job you'll be able to start as soon as possible.

Step Five: Closing statements and negotiating salaries

Interviews are as much about finding out what you can receive from the employer as what you can provide them, so have some questions prepped that you’d like to find out more about. If career progression is something you’re interested in, ask what the opportunities are like for development within the company. In addition, many of us find salary discussions an awkward interaction. To alleviate this, at LaL we can negotiate your salary on your behalf with prospective employers. We have access to industry averages and the benefits that employers can offer you, from parking, registration fees to mileage - let us do the talking!

Like many things, we can’t guarantee that at every interview you will succeed. But please don’t be discouraged if this time around you aren't successful. This gives you the opportunity to self-reflect and make the necessary changes or invest in additional time to secure a role suitable for you. At LaL, we offer a free service to review your completed CV and offer advice and guidance for adjustments.

Send your CV now and a member of our helpful team will be in touch shortly!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team