It’s finally here, our 2019 Rates Study! Yet again, We have gone through every single one of our locum shifts from 2019 and have, after much research, found the highest paid rate for a locum shift in the UK.

As you know shift rates can fluctuate depending on seasonality, demand or locum saturation which means that days on which there are fewer locums to fill vacant shifts, you might find the rates start to sneak up or an ‘emergency rate’ is posted by the employer.

Alternatively, on your average day when plenty of locums are available for work, you may not notice much of a difference from the average for that particular area.

Rank Shift Date Type of Pharmacy Location Shift Rate (£ per hour)
1 22nd May Multiple Leicestershire 98.25
2 22nd May Multiple Leicestershire 74.25
3= 1st January Multiple Salop 70
3= 3rd February Independent Coleford 70
4= 14th April Multiple Coleford 65
4= 30th June Multiple Coleford 65
4= 26th December Multiple South Molton 65
4= 26th December Multiple Horefield 65
4= 25th December Multiple Falmouth 65
5 26th December Multiple Forfar 60

Top Shifts of 2019

A large multiple pharmacy based in Leicestershire took the stop spot on our top paying rates of 2019 with a whopping £98.25 per hour! This shift took place Islamic holiday of Ramadan. This pharmacy weren't the only ones who upped their rate for holidays.

Our CEO Jonathon Clarke commented, “Holiday periods have always been a highly paid, last year a shift on Christmas Day in Scotland took the top spot. Shifts during holidays in general are difficult to fill, the same can be said for times when there is adverse weather conditions, for instance during last summer’s heatwave we noticed rates increasing across the country. If you’re locuming and want to earn some extra cash you could either research areas with a high demand for locums and travel or work during the holidays.”

Stay tuned for futher rates studies coming very soon or if you would like to know what the highest paid locum pharmacist shift was in your area please let us know and we'd be happy to tell you!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team