So that’s it, after many debates, protests and bills going back and forward in Parliament The UK has left the European Union, but what does that mean for Pharmacy as we know it?

Well, nothing at the moment. We have now entered the transition period which will last until the end of 2020, during this period, the current rules on trade, travel, and business for the UK and EU will continue to apply. So the first thing to state is that there is no immediate panic for EU residents practicing pharmacy in the UK.

Pharmacy bodies including the NPA, RPS and PSNC are continuing to interact with the government to represent the interests of all pharmacists practicing in the UK.

In fact the Royal Pharmaceutical Society has released a range of frequently asked questions relating to Brexit and what it means for community pharmacy. These can be found here.

The most common question is;

I am an EEA-qualified pharmacist, what does Brexit mean for me if I want to work/continue working in the UK?

Legislation introduced on 7 March 2019 means pharmacists with professional qualifications from EU and Swiss institutions will continue to be recognised by the General Pharmaceutical Council, meaning those who are currently registered can continue to practise in the UK as they do now.

Employment contracts will not need to be changed if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, and staff won’t have to reapply for their current positions after exit day.

Full details of the impact of Brexit on Health and Social care and workers rights can be found here.

As and when we know more we will be sure to communicate with our Locums via email. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team