We have found that care home workers want to be paid more quickly and more regularly. It makes sense, after all, that these essential workers would want to be compensated for their labor and time as quickly as possible, and the regularity of payments allows for easier planning in their personal lives. Better, faster payments make for a better, more satisfied team.

However, the problems facing care homes currently include delayed bank transfers and the slow, varied nature of manual administrative work. The ideal solution, therefore, is to find a platform that can do it all with a fraction of the resources.

Our platform suits such a description. With expense management and rota products, it allows for easy payments across care workers, on time, and when necessary, automatically.

Saving time

Care workers can receive payments faster than ever via the Payment Product. The platform reduces time to pay to less than 1 day, rather than the typical 3-5 working day window.

The platform also cuts away the time spent manually paying staff. With the click of a button, payments can be made to care workers, on either a weekly or monthly basis. There is also the option to repeat this action in the case of regular staff rather than temporary shift work.

Not only that, but BACs payments can be automated, doing away with unnecessary admin and helping care workers receive pay with regularity.

Saving money

The platform supports exception reporting, helping nursing home operators identify instances of working outside normal hours, missed educational opportunities, and rest breaks not being utilised. This helps to maintain a high quality of care as well as a carefully managed budget, and avoiding manual compilation also allows for paper reports to be done away with completely.

The platform guarantees 100% payment accuracy. Over or underpaying staff can make for an uncomfortable and unwelcome process to rectify the situation, for both nursing home operators and staff members. Locate a Locum, however, has been able to eliminate payment errors of up to £50,000 per year. This saving can then be used to employ better-qualified staff or expand services available to residents - providing better care overall.

If you’re interested in finding ways to pay care workers faster and more efficiently, please download our brochure by completing the below form.

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Locate a Locum Team