Ensuring you secure an appropriate locum to cover any shifts, not only ensures your patients receive the highest level of care by ensuring accurate prescriptions, the diagnoses of eye complaints and the ongoing treatment of your patients. They maintain the reputation of your business.

Ensuring you get the right locum

Verify credentials and qualifications

Verify the locum optometrist's credentials and qualifications, including their registration with the General Optical Council (GOC) and their professional indemnity insurance.

Set clear expectations

Before hiring a locum optometrist, it's important to communicate your compliance expectations as well as duties, responsibilities, and the quality of care they are expected to provide. This includes adherence to clinical guidelines, testing times and protocols, patient communication, and record-keeping.

Service Competent

Is the locum competent at using your equipment and software solutions? If not how quickly can you induct them?

Locum Management

Using a locum marketplace or management solution ensures the locums you choose to work with are compliant - registered with the GOC and have up-to-date insurance. You can also specify additional requirements to ensure that they are suited to work at your location.

By taking the time to understand your potential locums and communicating openly with them, you can quickly build a pool of competent locums.

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