Planning ahead is key to minimising scheduling issues and pharmacy is no exception. Whilst running a pharmacy, you will have to create shift rotas and schedules for permanent staff and locums alike. Some pharmacies may plan these schedules week to week or month to month. By planning your rota for up to 6 months in advance, you can positively increase your pharmacy profits and indulge in the feeling of preparedness and organisation.

Decreasing staff issues

When running a pharmacy, it is important to avoid gaps in the rota, and it is even more important to make sure that staff issues do not result in store closure. This will reduce potential financial penalties from regulators. By being prepared and completing a rota in advance, employers can provide staff with adequate time to rearrange anything that might cause conflict with their shift times. Following this, it is important that staff have the autonomy to book time off for obligations such as holidays, weddings, etc so that you can remain compliant.

Our software provides an average of 50% decrease in last-minute shift requests with rotas being able to be completed up to 6 months in advance, as well as an average saving of up to £300,000 on temporary staff per year. We also offer a Leave solution that allows staff to have the autonomy to make leave requests and allows your pharmacy manager to be able to accept or decline these. This will allow for a happier workforce and a streamlined process which can result in a decrease of store closure.

A happier environment for your employees

Having happy employees is extremely important for the survival and performance of any organisation. Happier employees work harder, work better together in teams, and are generally more productive. They also raise the productivity level in pharmacies, making it a magnet for the best talent out there.

The printed shift plan on the wall has finally stopped being useful. Our product allows your staff to have restricted online access to schedules. Say goodbye to clunky systems and paper processes as your staff would now be able to view their rota on demand by logging in from their computers or smartphones which is a great time saver. Planning in advance gives employees the freedom to plan around these well-established schedules and in turn feel less stressed and more effective when in the workplace, positively affecting your revenue.

Avoid having your staff wait for their Rota

It might not be the most glamorous aspect of running a business, but your staff rota can have a big effect on day-to-day operations. Without a clear and carefully planned rota, it's easy for things to start falling apart. Schedule too many staff, and you end up paying people to stand around; rota on too few, and your customers won't get the level of service they need.

It is also important to factor in things like employees calling in sick, staff availability, and the small matter of annual leave and you have a lot to think about when planning the schedule. By not giving your staff enough time and notice to prepare for their shift, you are going to create a bad experience for your staff, increase lateness, increase turnover, provide yourself with additional admin and ultimately, damage your reputation as an employer and a business. By automating your rota, you are reducing all of this and allowing you and your team to have the right people on shift at the right time.

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