We've recently launched our brand new feature 'Instant Book'. This conveinent and time saving feature allows you to book locums without having to respond to every application. There is no need to spend time reviewing applications for reliable, trusted locums as all compliant and company approved locums will be automatically accepted!

Maintain control

As an employer, you will still have the ability to turn instant book on for specific locums meaning you are always in control of who works where and when.

Increase bookings

Instant Book is available as a filter when locums search for shifts. The convenience and ease of securing a shift booking will improve their experience with your organisation.

How it works

Instant Book allows locums and employees to automatically book into shifts. The employer does not need to review an application and select book, instead, locums and employees can automatically book into shifts.

Instant Book depends on the locums being “compliant”. Locum compliance is determined by:

  • If the locum is a company DIRECT or AGENCY locum they must be APPROVED by the company AND not have any fitness to practice issues.

*We currently do not require company mandatory documents to be complete as otherwise they would not be approved.

  • If the locum is a LaL locum then they must be approved, have their mandatory documents completed (but potentially out of date), AND not have any fitness to practice issues.

How to enable

Instant Book can be turned on for individual locums at any time.

Instant Book can NOT be turned on for Individual Employees it can be automated at a company level only by switching on Employee Instant Book Automated.

Short demo on Instant Book

We've put together this short demo on how Instant Book works. Watch it below to find out more!

Get in contact

If you have any questions on this brand new feature please contact us today. Our team will be able to advise you on Instant Book and detail how it works for your business. We also have multiple Help Centre guides available to support you and your team.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team