All staff requires time away from their place of work, even those who provide round the clock care for others. As a carehome manager, therefore, it is essential to manage these times effectively, as well as plan for unexpected absences and sickness.

Tracking these times of absence via manual spreadsheets online or in paper format, however, is time-consuming at best and stressful at worst. Instead, it is better to invest in scheduling software, such as Locate a Locum Rota & Leave Solution to increase accuracy and employee engagement.

Not only that, but digital systems like these have other advantages, such as greater transparency, accuracy when compared with fallible paper organisation, and staff enablement. Overall, when making the switch to systems like this, care home staff can experience a better grasp and understanding of leave and its impact on staff rotas and quality of care.

Here we look into the details of how this change can benefit the running and organisation of a care home:


With Locate a Locum's Rota & Leave Product’s technology, staff can apply for leave via the app and then receive notifications as to whether this leave has been approved or declined by their shift manager. This allows employees to better manage their time away, and give them a sense of autonomy when it comes to taking their leave, as well.

In fact, estimates from the usage of the Locate a Locum Rota & Leave Product’s platform, have pointed towards a 90% increase in engagement amongst employees. Engaged staff, of course, make for a more satisfied and productive workforce, benefitting both employees, employer, and, most importantly, residents at the care home.


On the other side of these leave applications, shift managers can experience improved control over the leave application process and thus increased leave accuracy.

Via the platform, they can review and see totals of leave time for each member of staff. This allows for a clearer picture of the overall amount of leave being taken and helps distinguish between approvals and declinations when it comes to employee applications. Nursing homes require high standards of care at all times of the day and night, and staff leave creates gaps in this care, which then must be filled by additional, temporary staff. It is important, therefore, to manage leave wisely and with the full context of the application.

Additionally, when it comes to staff evaluations, this information is readily available. This can help to pinpoint problems amongst employees, which may require disciplinary action or additional help and support.

Say goodbye to paper

A key benefit to the Rota & Leave platform is that it is entirely paperless. This allows for more room and organisation within the nursing home building.

Paper records can create additional problems for GDPR compliance in care homes. All records and documents need to be properly labeled with non-sensitive information and then stored in a lockable space, such as a cabinet or cupboard.

Keeping all this data online streamlines the process and eliminates all paperwork, and thus, any risk to GDPR compliance along with it.

Managing sickness absence and leave can be a tricky task, but it is undoubtedly a simpler one with the right tools. Online leave management platforms such as Rota Product are ideal in this scenario, giving autonomy to staff and clarity to managers, and making for a happier more efficient care home.

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