For care homes, staff rotas must be maintained and upheld. These schedules ensure that the basic needs of all residents are met, and keep track of shifts and time off amongst staff.

The problem, however, is that many care homes and other professionals in nursing and social care still use paper schedules.

Paper schedules are the baseline for scheduling in a care home, and while in the past they were satisfactory, in 2020 they simply fall short compared to their digital counterparts. These online schedules truly make light work of the tasks which weighed down the daily tasks of healthcare professionals and help care homes to see fewer “no shows”, to boot.

Here we outline and give detail to the clear advantages of these types of online rotas:

Stress relief

Online rotas give shift managers better control of shifts and the staff filling them. With Locate a Locum, they can automate rota production, alleviating the need to manually add and change recurring shifts, and then contact staff instantly. This does away with the time-wasting task of phoning and emailing individuals to update them on new slots and shift times.

There are also fewer surprises, as Locate a Locum’s rota technology can identify gaps in shifts and thus help managers to more efficiently fill them and ensure quality care at all times in these care homes.

As mentioned previously, it has been reported that care services see fewer “no shows” after switching to online rotas, and so online schedules guarantee the best quality care for residents in care homes. Locate a Locum also confirms this data, with studies showing that there is a 50% decrease in last-minute shift requests with online rotas. These online schedules can also be completed up to 6 months in advance, meaning that the future can be better planned and prepared for.

Save money

A digital upgrade may seem like an expense those in healthcare can’t afford to make, but in reality, the investment in such technology pays off in the long run.

Automating rotas can decrease the need for temporary staff as you will be able to ensure you have the correct accredited mix of staff on shift well in advance reducing the need to use, often expensive, external agencies.

Of course, paper rotas will always work. The question here is whether they can work as well as having a digital off-duty in place - and the answer, of course, is no. Online rotas are a superior management system, allowing care homes and healthcare professionals to manage staff and shifts more easily and clearly and provide thorough, quality care for residents. The initial investment into these online schedules pays off.

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