Here at Locate a Locum, we’re on a mission to innovate the healthcare industry. A large part of this mission is helping pharmacies improve their operational efficiency.

With this in mind we are introducing our Workforce Management Platform. Our flexible platform takes care of staff scheduling, locum booking, live reporting, compliance, payments and much, much more, it's what your pharmacy is missing.

The video below gives a high level overview of our solution, taking you through locum booking, scheduling, compliance, paymnets and reporting.

Scheduling - Manage all staff without spreadsheets

Reduce the risk of staff shortages and incorrect schedules by collecting staff leave, exporting schedules and finding locum replacements all on one platform.

Our platform allows you to create and publish rotas ensuring you have the right people in the right place at the right time. Publish your rota and instantly notify employees via email, SMS or push notifications.

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Fill Gaps with ease

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Our scheduling platform allows you to see where your gaps are across multiple branches and allows you to fill them fast.

Communicate with your employees and locums using our app, putting your schedule in everyone’s pocket.

Improve Compliance

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Our locum booking platform allows you to maintain the compliance of permanent and locum. Pharmacy Managers are notified of fitness to practice issues while being able to view applicants profiles and see any outstanding accreditations or qualifications.

Advanced Reporting & Forecasting

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Gain insight into your expenditure, access market rates, branch comparisons and run financial projections to prepare for busy locum periods

Streamlined Payments

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Our integrated payment solution ensures a smooth, streamlined payment process for locum shifts and expenses.

This is just a snapshot of our offering, you can recieve a full brochure directly to your inbox by completelung this short form.


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Locate a Locum Team