Here we are, back with our annual salary guide created yearly to provide pharmacists with insight into pharmacy salaries and to aid you in any raise negotiations you may want to seek either now or in the future. This report reflects our own data and compares with jobseeker giants such as Indeed, Payscale and Glassdoor.

Since 2019, pharmacy hasn’t seen any major increases in salary but due to COVID-19, the profession has seen a huge increase in demand for pharmacists. According to our research, pharmacy has seen pay consistencies and slight increases across the UK and Ireland from 2018-2020.

Here are some of the highlights included in the downloadable report:

  • Popular employer salaries for pharmacists in 2020
  • Salaries & Locations - Which locations in 2020 had the highest salaries for Pharmacists.
  • Most popular pharmacy roles
  • Locate a Locum average salary VS UK average salary
  • 2020 Stats roundup

If you’ve made it this far and downloaded the salary guide, you can see that while pharmacist salary data vary across sources, each source shows that pharmacists’ salaries have remained relatively stable over the past few years—increasing slightly each year—with a higher than average income.

To download our 2020 Locum salary guide, simply CLICK HERE

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Locate a Locum Team