In a competitive locum optometrist market it is becoming tougher to attract locums. This blog offers 4 simple tactics that you can take to increase your chances of attracting locums.


Referral schemes are a cost-effective way to recruit locums. Let the goodwill of your team and locum workforce do the hard work for you. These advocates can champion your business and attract locums seeking opportunities.

Social Media

Build a strong online presence where your locums hang out is one of the best ways to attract locum talent. Use these social media and chat platforms to build the reputation of your business and then use targeted ads to promote your vacancies.

Attend Events

Not only will you have the opportunity to network with your peers and update your knowledge of the industry, but events are also a great way to meet potential locums and build your business profile. Both of which make it easier to attract locums to work with you.

If you are located near an optometry school, their may be options to attend career fairs or deliver talks to the students.

Recruitment Partner

Work with recruitment platforms that specialise in the optometry field, such as Locate a Locum. These agencies have a pool of qualified, compliant locum optometrists and optometry teams who are actively looking for work.

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