Our new research, which took into over 30,000 shifts across the UK, has uncovered the average, highest and lowest locum pharmacist rates across the UK.

Highest Locum Pharmacy Rate?

If you’re planning on switching your full-time pharmacist job for locum work, you might consider moving to Canterbury. The city topped the list at £25.83 per hour, followed by Aberdeen and St David’s (£24.44 and £24.31, respectively) - beating the UK average of £22.05 per hour by £3.78.

Lowest Locum Pharmacist Rates

The lowest averages came from Northern Ireland. The five lowest average pays came from this part of the world, with Armagh coming in last at £15.25 per hour. The best city in Northern Ireland work was Bangor, with an average pay of £17.07.

34 of the 69 cities reviewed, including Cardiff, Leeds and Stirling, were revealed to have above average pay rates.

Surprisingly, the city of London was not one of them.

In fact, London ranked at 62 out of the 69 cities, just above the lower Northern Irish pay rates. This is likely due to an oversupply of locum pharmacists, keeping competition high and pay rates low, and is a concerning statistic for those living and working in the 24th most expensive city in the world.

Locums everywhere, however, should find the data of interest when deciding which jobs that they would like to sign up for. The map below plots the locations with the highest and lowest rates in the UK:

Locum Pharmacist Rates Map

Average Locum Pharmacist Salary

This research also helps deduce the average salaries for locum pharmacists. For locums who work 37 hours a week, the average UK salary is £42,424.20 per annum, while the the highest of these comes from Canterbury at £49,696.92 per annum.

This is almost double the salary those living in the city with the lowest hourly pay rate can expect. The average salary in Armagh comes in at £29,341.00 per annum. The top average from Northern Ireland is still only 66% of Canterbury’s average, at £32,842.68.

Find your city and average hourly rate below:

City Rate
Canterbury 25.83
Aberdeen 24.44
St Davids 24.31
Carlisle 24.06
Herefore 23.89
Truro 23.89
Salisbury 23.86
Inverness 23.68
Oxford 23.61
Ripon 23.58
Worcester 23.56
Wells 23.55
Bristol 23.36
Norwich 23.36
Plymouth 23.33
York 23.30
Coventry 23.25
Preston 23.25
Sunderland 23.17
Newcastle upon Tyne 23.08
Swansea 22.92
Newport 22.84
Chelmsford 22.73
Lancaster 22.72
Durham 22.67
Cardiff 22.62
Winchester 22.60
Southampton 22.48
Gloucester 22.46
Leeds 22.41
Portsmouth 22.38
Dundee 22.26
Stirling 22.23
Perth 22.19
Bradford 21.85
Leicester 21.76
Kingston upon Hull 21.69
Nottingham 21.61
Lincoln 21.46
Edinburgh 21.44
Glasgow 21.44
Stoke-on-Trent 21.44
Wakefield 21.42
Cambridge 21.37
Peterborough 21.36
Liverpool 21.32
Birmingham 21.27
Chichester 21.25
St Asaph 21.19
Chester 21.14
Sheffield 21.11
Exeter 20.90
Salford 20.68
Wolverhampton 20.57
Brighton & Hove 20.50
St Albans 19.94
Manchester 19.85
Bath 19.82
Derby 19.81
Lichfield 19.00
London 18.07
City of Westminster 18.04
Bangor 17.07
Lisburn 15.68
Derry/Londonderry 15.67
Newry 16.59
Belfast 15.57
Armagh 15.25

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