Whether you opt for an online calendar, excel sheets or old school diary, keeping track of you bookings can be a tricky task. That’s why we here at Locate a Locum are dedicated to making it as easy as possible. In fact, we’ve already added a few features so that you can make Locate a Locum your one-stop app for reviewing and organising your bookings.

1. My Locums

Tired of emailing, calling, texting and using a dozen different methods to get in contact with your locums? We were too, so we created My Locums. Now, you can invite all of your locums to apply for shifts, regardless of whether they are registered on Locate a Locum or not. You can use this feature to check profiles and availability too, making it even easier to check credentials, experience and whether your locum is free for work.

2. Gap Uploader

With this handy new feature, organising your shift gaps has never been easier. Simply download our easy-to-use template, and then upload all your gaps at once, with one click, directly to Locate a Locum - skip the emails and processing entirely. You can then send the link on to your chosen agencies so that they can help fill your shifts too.

3. Agencies feature

You can send shift openings straight to your agencies using our new Agencies feature. This means that the folks over at the agencies don’t need to be left out of your locum search, it also means you don’t have to repeatedly update everyone every time the status on a shift changes - you can simply and quickly notify them about your openings via the app. They will continue to be notified at every step up until that shift has been filled, without you having to do anything.

You can even use our Shifts View tab, which will allow you to view every shift of every job role in every branch on every date. That’s right - you can see all of your shifts in just one glance, including any shifts with applicants and even a full filtered history of all previously booked shifts.

Staying on top of your locum shifts doesn’t need to be an impossible task. Just move yourself to Locate a Locum and see how easy it can be.

Available for download from Apple and Google Play stores now.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team