What’s Covered?

Post COVID occupancy has been a major issue. Our latest webinar looks at simple marketing techniques that anyone can employ to help with occupancy.

  • Introductions, Housekeeping & Polls
  • Awareness - 5 Marketing techniques you can employ right now to improve occupancy πŸ”₯
  • Engagement - 5 Marketing Techniques you can employ to increase engagement πŸš€
  • CQC compliance and marketing
  • Conversion - 5 conversion strategies to help care home/fill beds 🏹
  • Q&A ❓

Guests: Issac Theophilos – Author/ Care Home Consultant, Outstanding Care Homes

Panel: Jonny Clarke, Locate a Locum - CEO & Jeanette Haire, Healthcare Lead

Host: Stevie McIntyre, Locate a Locum - Marketing

If you have any questions for Issac, you can contact him directly here.

If you want to know how your Care Home can save up to 8 hours per week in admin time, reduce agency fees and make employees happier, complete this short form πŸ‘‡

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