In 2023 currently you cannot turn on the news without hearing doom and gloom about the current Cost of Living crisis. With every day bills from food to energy rising rapidly, we are all feeling the pinch at the minute.

In the current climate it is understandable why the thought of starting locuming may seem uncertain. In a recent blog we dissected how much it costs to become a locum pharmacist in the first place.

Before you start locumming there are a few upfront costs such as DBS and Insurance which are necessary become complaint to start booking and winning shifts. These initial costs can add up, on average costing a locum between £274-£430.

So we are wanting to help ease the financial pressures of this by helping our locums cut the cost of compliance.

We will reward our LAL Locums with over £100 to help cover the cost of their locum compliance.

How can Locate a Locum help?

We have recently launched some promotions that will help ease the burden of compliance costs for LAL Locums when they work with us.

Firstly, we promise to cover the cost of our locums DBS! Once a locum has completed their 10th shift they are able to claim for the full reimbursement of their DBS (or equivalent). That’s it - no catch - simply let us know once you have completed your shift and we will reimburse you (Learn More).

Secondly, all locums are required to take out indemnity insurance. We have an arrangement with the NPA whereby if you buy your insurance from them we can receive a copy of your certificate, helping you get compliant faster!

Also, we will give you £50 cashback on your insurance. Once you have worked your 15th shift through Locate a Locum we will give you £50 cashback for your insurance cost (Learn More).

We want to work with our locums to celebrate important milestones in their Locum Journey. Our latest promotions are only the beginning… Keep you eyes pealed because there is more to come!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team