Last October the requirements for enrolling on a Pharmacist Independent Prescriber course changed. Primarily the two-year ‘relevant experience’ requirement was dropped, opening this qualification to a whole new cohort of pharmacists.

We'd like to congratulate this cohort who will be receiving their Practice Certificate in Independent Prescribing, in the near future.

This got us thinking about the next stage of these pharmacists' careers. Some will progress within their current organisation, but others will be seeking new opportunities.

What do employers look for when hiring a Pharmacist Independent Prescriber?

It’s a tough question to answer, as it depends on several role-specific factors, however, the mixture of hard and soft skills required is consistent.

Qualifications and Experience.

These are used during the shortlisting process, it’s important to list all your relevant qualifications, even if they are not essential for the role. This will make you stand out and should the shortlisting criteria be enhanced, you have a better chance of meeting these requirements.

Professionalism and Ethics

You will be expected to demonstrate high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct. Do you act with integrity, respect patients and have a drive for delivering high-quality care? Could you demonstrate a time when you respected the patient's autonomy?

Clinical Knowledge

As you will be responsible for the assessment of patients and making clinical decisions, your clinical knowledge should be up-to-date and relevant. How would you go about analysing medical information? Communication. You will have to communicate with a range of stakeholders from the patient to other healthcare professionals. Can you demonstrate how you would adjust your language and tone depending on the audience? Can you communicate the medical information in a clear and concise manner?

Attention to Detail

Independent prescribers must be meticulous in their record-keeping and prescribing practices. The smallest error may have serious outcomes. How do you demonstrate this attention to detail?

How Locate Pharmacist Recruitment Can Help You Find a Pharmacist Independent Prescriber role.

Our team work with pharmacist employers and specialise in finding candidates to meet exacting role requirements.

Our recruitment consultants work with potential candidates, to understand their specific skill sets and ensure these are effectively communicated in any application. They then support the candidate leading up to and after the interview stage, to maximise the chances of being offered the role.

For more on the GPC ‘Standards for the education and training of pharmacist independent prescribers’, update October 2022, click here.

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