Locate a Locum Record Booking Time Slashed: Pharmacy books a locum in under 60 seconds!

When our CEO Jonny Clarke was a locum pharmacist, he quickly became aware of the barriers that existed for locums when trying to source regular work, and those for pharmacy owners who needed to find locum cover for both holiday and emergency shifts.

Locums found it tough communicating their availability to pharmacies. Pharmacies in turn, found it difficult to track the availability of pharmacists. Some pharmacist managers have told us that they can spend up to 4 hours per week sourcing locum cover and carrying out checks.

To date, recruitment agencies have been trying to solve this problem but they can easily add to the overall cost and time delays.

As an alternative to the traditional agency, Jonny set up Locate a Locum. Locate a Locum is an online platform connecting pharmacists with employers. Our technology platform has proven to be faster and more cost effective than traditional recruitment agencies. We empower locum coordinators and pharmacy managers to advertise shifts and book locums in a matter of seconds, all in one easy-to-use location.

Locate a Locum has registered over 2300 pharmacists and services more than 8,000 UK and Irish pharmacies. This includes large multiples and an ever-growing body of independent pharmacies. We are always striving to improve the service that we offer and streamline our processes so that you can find the right locum, faster than ever.

On Thursday the 6th April 2017, Locate a Locum set a new personal record for the time taken between a pharmacy shift being uploaded, and a locum’s application being confirmed. A pharmacy in Bristol posted a shift at 09:41:37, and received an application at 09:42:01. This locum’s application was reviewed and the pharmacist was booked at 09:42:28. That’s how quickly and effectively our software can work for you.

Just think, you could have posted and received an application for the next shift you must fill, in the time taken to read this blog post! Sound good?

Locums are now taking bookings as far away as September 2017.

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Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team