Flu jab training for locum pharmacists is an extremely important part of the learning and development process.

In September 2015 eligible community pharmacies were nationally commissioned for the first time to deliver the annual NHS flu vaccination service. In the first year community pharmacists delivered in excess of 595,000 flu vaccinations; and as a result of the success of the service it was recommissioned in 2016/2017, where community pharmacy delivered in excess of 950,000 vaccinations (source: http://psnc.org.uk/services-commissioning/advanced-services/flu-vaccination-service/flu-vaccination-statistics/)

It is likely that the NHS flu vaccination will be commissioned on an ongoing basis and thus all pharmacists who wish to offer this service will need to access appropriate training as defined in the NHS PGD.

It is important for all pharmacists, including locum pharmacists to be flu vaccine trained; the NHS flu service specification for community pharmacy states that pharmacies that offer the flu vaccination service must offer the service to patients during ALL of their opening hours! What this means is that if a pharmacy is not able to employ a locum pharmacist that can administer the flu vaccine, then it would be in breach of its NHS contract! Therefore, all pharmacy contractors that offer the NHS flu vaccination service must only employ locums that are trained to deliver the service (if the locum is the only pharmacist available at the branch!)

What does the flu vaccination training involve?

It is an NHS requirement that all pharmacists that vaccinate under the NHS flu vaccination service receive face-to-face training at least every two years. This is part of the requirement for completing the declaration of competence, which must be completed prior to delivering the NHS service. Whilst this is the minimum requirement, the health protection agency in its recommendations for training suggests annual refresher training is advisable for all vaccinators.

Where can I get trained & do you offer a discount?

We offer a 10% discount to all of our locums who wish to get flu accredited. By being flu accredited, you have a higher chance of winning shifts! Use the code which was sent to your email which will give you 10% off against the full vaccine course. Code is valid until the end of the year so don't delay, get booked in! If you are a locum and you just signed up with us, send us an email, we would be more than happy to provide you with the code too!

For further details please check the ECG training website www.ecgtraining.co.uk or contact them via email at enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk

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