We understand that locum costs can be extremely expensive, especially in times of emergencies and seasonalities. You may be starting to think these costs are unavoidable and due to your busy schedule and the demands of the workplace it is often difficult to think of a solution to reduce this financial strain. This is why we have put together guidance below on how to reduce your costs and effectively manage your workforce with the Locate a Locum platform.

Embrace the digital response to staffing

Our data shows that healthcare workers from all industries are seeking employment with companies that utilise digital technology to support their careers. By integrating workforce management solutions like Locate a Locum you are able to adapt our full suite of tools that allow you to streamline your processes.

For example, you are able to pay your staff their wage and expenses at the touch of a button as their work history and payment details are stored safely within our cloud-based platform. Find out more about our payment product here.

Plan your rota months in advance

By planning your rota months in advance (some of our customers do this 9 months in advance!) you are able to plan ahead and view gaps in your digital rota that need to be filled. This awareness will allow you to post the shift availability to our platform or you can contact your direct pool of locum opticians instantly via our app.

By managing your rota in advance you are reducing the risk of posting emergency rates that can be £60+ per hour, or worse, branch closures. Staff are notified through our mobile app and can instantly accept or decline shifts so you have results in seconds, find out more here.

Build an engaged pool of direct locums

Often opticians will have direct pools of locums that they can rely on to fill shifts at the last minte. However our results show that these pools can become disengaged with only 50% of directs responding to shift availability which can lead to store closures.

To avoid this, it is vital to develop a network of engaged locums through regular communication and offering competitive rates. Stay connected with locum staff by keeping them up to date with the latest company news and make them feel included in the permanent full-time team. Nurturing these relationships, alongside streamlining your processes in managing the workforce, will create a strong support network when you are finding it difficult to fill gaps in the rota.

Richard Stephenson, Chief Operating Officer of Right Medicines had this to say about working with Locate a Locum to save money and reduce administration

Our strong relationship with Locate a Locum made our decision to form a partnership with them an easy one. Locate a Locum listened to what we wanted and delivered what they promised. The platform has made life easier for our internal team and locum pharmacists. We have managed to drastically reduce administration, save money and ensure 100% compliance.

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