In 2021 we conducted a survey with around 200 care home managers and the results showed that 49% of respondents stated staffing as the primary challenge within their care home. Whilst 81% of respondents stated staffing was their second priority after patient care. There are many challenges to recruiting bank staff for your care home. These can include staff burnout which was exacerbated by the pandemic, high levels of sickness, and demand for temporary workers across all healthcare disciplines.

To try and alleviate these challenges we have put together six frequently asked questions we hear from managers on how to attract and retain more bank staff and the advantages of incorporating the Locate workforce management system into your business.

1. How can I find out what my current employees find attractive about my business and other areas to improve on?

From a marketing perspective, we recommend surveying your current employees to identify what works well in your care home and what could be improved to attract more staff. You can also use the survey results to gauge what channels of communication your staff use to receive information, these findings could form the basis of your advertising strategy. For example, if they listen to a particular radio station or read a specific local newspaper, these mediums are where your advertising budget could be spent.

2. What are referrals and how will they benefit my recruitment strategy?

Referrals are essentially a word of mouth recommendation that one of your employees makes for another healthcare worker looking employment. Your employee may be able to vouch for their work ethic and suitability for working with your business.

Incentivised referrals are a large part of the locum side of our business, we have found that referred employees have a 37% higher retention rate and also are 4 times more likely to work available shifts in your business. These numbers really speak for themselves.

3. How can I use social media advertising to attract more bank staff?

Many of you may already be using Facebook and Instagram for posting job opportunities within your business and that’s a fantastic step to give your business a digital presence. We would highly recommend using LinkedIn as a way to reach potential employees. Generally, users’ profiles are used as a digital CV and a way to brand themselves to prospective employers.

All information is captured in their profiles which makes it easier for you to find them. In comparison to Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn offers a lower cost per acquisition (CPA) which essentially means it is the cheaper platform to utilise yet you yield a higher return on investment and information.

4. My team isn’t tech-savvy, how will they use the app?

We understand that your employees may not be native technology users, it is certainly a concern that is raised often with our team. You can reassure your staff that our app is designed with them, and you, in mind. Our technology is advanced and the capabilities are many, but the layout of our app and platform is basic and easy to follow. As we offer our app on the Apple App Store it has to meet certain requirements for usability and we are happy to report that we exceed this.

5. What features does Locate workforce management offer my business?

Our product suite offers many different features that aid the management of your business. First and foremost our Rota and Leave features allow you to manage gaps in the rota with ease and reduce administrative tasks. This is achieved through our app which allows all bank staff to be notified through push notifications. When alerted of availability staff can accept or decline shifts which gives you instant feedback on their availability.

You can also manage your staff compliance requirements from certificates to insurance. This feature is perfect to support CQC investigations as you don’t have to search through paper trails as the information is all available in one place. In addition to these features you can also utilise the Reports feature on all your activity within the platform. These reports allow you to make data driven decisions, for example, you can view market rates comparison per region and how your own rates compare to that of competitors.

6. Have any other business owners shared their feedback on the platform?

We’ve had many positive reviews from owners, for example, Julie Beacom, Care Home Manager stated that as a platform we solved “workforce problems that have existed for decades” and noted the “convenience” of having all information in one place. This is exactly what we want to deliver for all care homes, a seamless and streamlined platform for effective management that benefits you, your staff and your residents.

To receive further information on our workforce management system you can contact our team at and they will be happy to discuss our full suite of features and how they can benefit your specific business.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team