We know that the cost associated with reliance on external agencies is vast and usually time-consuming to manage. A recent study has shown that agency workers' costs have increased since April 2021. Agency rates were significantly greater than employee hourly rates. With the Locate a Locum workforce management system you are able to reduce or completely eliminate your reliance on external agencies. By building a pool of direct locums. Below we have detailed some strategies to build your direct network.

Detail the exact benefits you can offer a locum

One strategy in recruiting more locums to your store is to promote the benefits of working there aside from the rates of pay. When posting shifts to our platform detail as much relevant information as possible. For example, where will the locum park if they are driving? What stops will they get off at if they travel by rail or bus? These are things that take away levels of anxiety and the unknown. When speaking about travel it is also beneficial to state whether you cover any of these costs.

Pay locums correctly and on time

Managing locum payments in addition to your permanent staff can be demanding and time-consuming. By utilising our workforce management solution you are able to automate all expenses when locums provide their bank details. This allows for accurate and on-time payments. Making sure you aren’t missing payments and ensuring locums don’t have to chase you, improves their perception of your branch and encourages them to re-apply for shifts in-store.

Plan your rota up to 12 months in advance

With our rota management solution you are able to plan your rota up to 12 months in advance. This allows you to spot upcoming gaps in the rota and plan accordingly. By forward planning your rota and organising locum cover you are reducing the chances of last-minute rates or reliance on agencies that tend to be much higher than typical rates.

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