You’ve booked your first Locum shift - well done! 🎉

It can be nerve wrecking going into your first locum shift, particularly if you are newly qualified. However, here are a few tips to help you get ready for your first shift.

Contact the Opticians

Before you are due to take on your first shift it is worth phoning in advance. Every practice is slightly different and will have different expectations of their locums. For example, some practices specialise in certain areas of optics or work primarily with certain patient groups.

Finding out this information before starting your shift will help you feel more confident in what is expected of you and help you prepare. Plus, its a great way to build up initial rapport with the practice - who knows they may ask you to come back regularly.

Plan Your Journey

There is nothing worse than worrying about travel before your first day. Before your first shift ensure you have a look at where the store is to plan your journey.

  • What bus/train do you need to take?
  • Is there onsite parking?
  • How long will your journey take?

It’s worth taking some time before your shift to plan your journey, or even doing a test run to ensure you can arrive on time.

Pack Equipment

You cannot always expect every practice to have all the equipment you need, or it could be they have equipment you are unfamiliar with. Therefore we advise where possible to ensure you bring your own Retinoscope and Ophthalmoscope (Dispensing Opticians are advised to ring their own frame ruler).

Keep on Top of Upcoming Shifts

Working as a Locum is so exciting as you get to meet and work with new people all the time. However, it can be a lot to remember as you may often move locations or work different shift patterns.

Locate a Locum’s Diary feature is a great way to keep on top of your shifts so you always know when you’re working next. By downloading the app you have quick access to all of your shifts in one place and you can quickly book in additional shifts on the go.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team