What is Instant Book?

Instant Book locums don't require approval from the employer before they can be booked. Instead, locums can just choose the shift that best suits them, book, and work the shift.

For Employers

If you have Instant Book on, it will apply to branches where the particular locum has already completed four shifts. Locums who meet your requirements will be automatically booked in to the shift without you having to approve their application.


Employers will have the option to turn Instant Book on for locums who have worked more than four shifts and will have various notifcations telling them a locum is eligable for Instant Book.

The benefits

Convenience & Time Saving: Book locums without having to respond to every application. No need to spend time reviewing applications for reliable, trusted locums

You’re in control: Employers have the ability to turn instant book on for specific locums meaning you are always in control of who works where and when


Instant Book means shifts are filled faster by trusted locums giving employers peace of mind.

For Locums?

Once locums have worked 4 shifts in the same branch then the employer has the option to turn instant book on.

Locums will see ‘Book Now’ instead of ‘Apply Now’ for these particular shifts.


Instant Book is as simple as that. Reliable trusted locums will have the opportunity to have shifts booked and confirmed faster and employers will dramatically cut down on administration time reviewing shift applications.

If you have any feedback on instant book please get in touch by emailing info@locatealocum.com

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team