Locate A Locum, How Does It Work?

You’ve heard of Locate a locum, you’ve heard that we’re a website where you can book locum shifts and someone’s told you that we may or may not offer a permanent jobs recruitment service. Right now, you’re going to get a quick breakdown of exactly what Locate a Locum is and how we can help with every aspect of your pharmacist career.

Locum Booking Platform

You’re a pharmacist who has enough human contact during the day at work and the last thing you want to do is speak to a recruitment agency every week. We’ve got the solution just for you! After you register with Locate a Locum and have completed your identification check, you can start applying for shifts! Pharmacies advertise an average of 5000 locum shifts on our website every month, so you’ll never be shirt of work. You can search for shifts in relation to date, rate and location, then apply for shifts in just 3 clicks! You can download our new mobile app and apply for shifts on the go! You’ll receive info and notifications directly to you phone relating to available shifts in the area of your choosing. You’ll never have to speak to an agency again!

(Quick tip – apply for as many shifts as possible. Our booking platform acts as a secretary, ensuring that you’ll never be double booked)

Locum Consultations

We understand that not everyone is in love with technology, and a lot of you guys prefer the recruitment agency model. So, we’ve assembled a team of experienced locum coordinators who are here to help you find and apply for locum shifts. You let us know your availability, where you want to work and we’ll make it happen for you!

(Quick tip - sometimes, not every shift gets advertised on our website. It can work in your interest to keep regular contact so that when a shift comes in within your location, we’ll call you about it right away!)

Permanent Jobs

Locums don’t necessarily stay locums forever, so we’ve developed a permanent recruitment division to help you find the perfect, permanent pharmacist job! We’re recruiting for permanent positions all over the UK and Ireland, for a variety of roles. Send us your CV and we’ll get back to you! We create dozens of blog articles which contain info such as interview advice and tips to create a CV that we know hiring pharmacies are looking for!

(Quick tip - Check out our blog site and subscribe to our weekly content relating to your pharmacy career)

Careers Consultations

As with the locum side of our business, we do not advertise every permanent job on our careers website. Why? We work to form close relationships with those who ask for assistance in finding locum or permanent work. When we’re asked to work on a job, our first port of call is our contact lists. Use the information below to arrange for a call from Thomas, our permanent recruitment director, and he’ll be able to give you advice on how you can best reach your career goals. Thomas has experience of creating new jobs for outstanding candidates, so even if you can’t see a job that you like on our website, that doesn’t mean that he can’t make something happen for you!

(Quick tip - we’ve helped dozens of people to find jobs when relocation is a must. Get in touch if personal circumstances have dictated that you need to relocate)

Register with Locate a Locum: www.locatealocum.com/sign-up Locum Consultation: Call 020 7859 4613 and ask to speak to Alison or Clare Permanent Careers Consultation: Call 020 7859 4613 and ask to speak to Thomas Permanent Jobs Website: https://locatealocum.com/sign-up Subscribe to our weekly blog: https://locatealocum.com/blog

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team