We are delighted to have been able to have huge turn outs to all of our webinars this year. Please see below a list of locum webinars that have taken place so far. If you have any questions regarding these, please feel free to send us an email on info@locatealocum.com and a member of our team will contact you back.

The potential impact of IR35

What was covered in this webinar:

  • Who will apply the Off-Payroll Working rules?
  • Deducting Tax & NI: Do you have employment rights?
  • What is a Status Determination Statement?
  • Can you still claim your expenses?
  • Will you need to file an Income Tax Self Assessment?
  • Q&A

Presenters: Lauren Fullerton (Digital Marketing Specialist, Locate a Locum) and special guests Jennifer Warner (Foremans LLP) and Alison Ensor (Foremans LLP)

Watch Now: https://youtu.be/_L4nrwHTMvU

Getting the most out of your Locate A Locum profile:

What was covered in this webinar:

  • Rates - Who sets them? How are they decided?
  • Rate Negotiation - How it works? What are the benefits?
  • Applications - Magic Number of Shifts to apply for? What to do to increase your chances of winning shifts
  • Compliance - How do I get approved? Whats documents do I need to get started? And how do I get them?
  • Community - How do I join & what are the perks?

Watch Now: https://youtu.be/9VFK2PQzrMU

A Locums Guide to Money - Applications, Taxes & Rates

What was covered in this webinar:

  • Applications - picking the right shift to apply for and how to maximise your chances of winning a shift
  • Taxes - We will be joined buy specialist Locum Accounts Foremans LLP who will take us through taxes and claiming additional tax benefits as a locum
  • Rates - We will also chat through Rates using our data
  • Q&A - There will also be the opportunity to ask our expert team questions so you can make the most out of the Locate a Locum platform

Presenters: Stevie McIntyre (Marketing manager, Locate a Locum), Ian Broomhall (Foremans LLP) & Lauren Fullerton (Digital Marketing Specialist, Locate a Locum)

Watch Now: https://youtu.be/Btf9NXL81sg

How to map out your future - A guide to career success

What was covered in this webinar:

  • Options and career progression - What knowledge and skills should you invest in?
  • Pharmacy Pathways - How to decide your best fit.
  • How to market yourself effectively to get yourself an interview? (CV examples, pitfalls and opportunities)
  • Interview techniques - Top tips on how to seal the deal featuring special guest Alexander Daghlian from Alexander's Pharmacy.
  • Knock back & recovery - How to manage rejection.
  • Q&A

Hosts: Lauren Fullerton (Digital Marketing Specialist) , (Panellists) Melissa McIlwrath (Recruitment Consultant) & Alexander Daghlian (Alexander's Pharmacy)

Watch Now: https://youtu.be/PnnTxCccGxE

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Locate a Locum Team