Weighing up the pros and cons of working as a locum vs working in a permanent role is important. It helps you to decide which career path is most suitable for you. At Locate a Locum, we take great pride in being able to offer both options to Pharmacists, Technicians and Dispensers. So this only leaves you asking yourself two questions.

Firstly, Why would you want to Locum with Locate A Locum?

After surveying the 12,000 Pharmacists, Technicians and Dispensers on our platform, we were able to observe that healthcare professionals really enjoyed the ability to work on a temporary and flexible basis. This really suited people who were studying and wanted to work part time, people who had a young family that they wanted to spend more time with and adventurous people who wanted to explore new locations across the UK and Ireland. We have outlined the 3 key reasons why the locums who work through us enjoy it so much. These are as follows:

High paying, flexible shifts

Every month, we upload over 20,000 shifts on our platform which provide our locums with a wide variety of locations and rates. According to our latest survey, some members of the healthcare profession make the transition into locum work for financial reasons as payment rates vary enormously in certain regions across the country and it is believed that if you are able to obtain regular locum work, you will earn more than someone who is in a permanent position. Of course, payment rates vary according to a wide range of factors, including regional and seasonal trends. But it’s really all down to supply and demand.

Immediate start

For someone who’s not currently in work, we can provide a very quick recruitment process, followed by immediate work, which may well prove invaluable to those who don’t have the time to hang around. For someone who is between jobs, locum work can fill a period of potential inactivity, and it may just prove so enjoyable that a permanent position is no longer desired.


Experience is important in the healthcare profession. Especially when there is so much to learn. Some of our locums are adventurous as they not only enjoy moving from location to location but also love getting to know different people, different pharmacy processes and different systems. Locuming is a great way of building yourself an excellent reputation in the field.

Secondly, Why would you want to get a permanent job?

There are many reasons why people opt for a permanent job and these are as follows:

Financial Stability

Some healthcare professionals love having the financial stability of a permanent job and being able to have a steady income every month allows most people to budget more accurately. Some permanent positions also pay bonuses, which locums aren't entitled to and this is often something which is desirable in a permanent role. You may also have better access to company benefits such as training and continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities which could open up more opportunities to progress into a more senior role.


Having a healthy routine helps to reduce stress, build good habits and make the best use of your time. Everyone is unique. Not everyone requires a fully scheduled day to reap the health benefits of a routine, so make the choices that work for you, knowing they’ll only make you healthier and more efficient with your time.

Being part of a Team

There may be greater job satisfaction as you build long-term relationships with your colleagues and see progress and results of the work you put in. A teamwork environment promotes an atmosphere that fosters friendship and loyalty. These close-knit relationships motivate employees in parallel and align them to work harder, cooperate and be supportive of one another

Of course, it is important to understand that career choices often come down to many factors such as personal preferences, situational factors and much much more. If you need help deciding or finalising the best option for you, please feel free to contact info@locatealocum.com and a member of the team will be more than happy to assist you.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team