Not only is Melissa a professional Recruitment Consultant and a new addition to our permanent recruitment division, but a classically trained pianist who considers herself to be quite the Beethoven - Bashing out a few symphonies in her spare time.

When she’s not recruiting pharmacy positions across the UK, she’s either collecting Lego or looking after her two favourite pooches, Honey & Ozzy. Scouted out through LinkedIn, Melissa brings a momentous amount of experience to our team. In her younger years, she was a security guard at local events plaguing underage kids for ID, whilst studying for her Chemistry Degree at Queen's University where she even puts Albert Einstein to shame with her 1st Class honours.

We asked Melissa to define her job role in just a few words. This is what she had to say:

‘I would consider my job to be a professional chatterbox with a side of matchmaking - and i don’t mean 'Tinder - I think my job really consists of building relationships with people on a daily basis and matching the person to their dream job. Not many people can say they spend their day chatting!’.

After paying her a large sum of money to give us good publicity, she described Locate A Locum as ‘exciting’, ‘rewarding’ and ‘innovative’. We also asked her to share her experiences to date, working with Locate A Locum - Melissa had this to say:

‘The moment I walked in the door I knew it was the right place for me - the people are all so lovely and welcoming. The opportunity to progress was a huge attraction for me, you make your own path and the world really is your oyster. The role itself was the deciding factor for me - it was exactly what I was looking for giving the perfect mix of my experience as well as a challenge into something new and I’m very excited as to what the future holds!’

Finally, in her interview we asked her to provide us with five guests she would invite to a dinner party, should she have one. This was her response:

‘This is a hard one but I think my top five would be: Jeffree Star - because i’m obsessed with his makeup, JK Rowling - because I have SO MANY unanswered questions, ‘Brendon Urie - Because ‘into the unknown’ is my most played song ever, Ellen Degeners - Because you have to have a laugh, and then finally, Hugh Jackman OBVIOUSLY. No explanation needed’.

And no explanation needed from us either - she was hired. We knew she would be a perfect fit for our team and we are excited to have her working with us!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team