My Year In Pharmacy

The urban dictionary defines 'Adulted' as: the act of being an adult; to do things your parents would normally do, but they aren't around, so now you have to do them whether you know how or not.

A year on from qualifying, two years on from pre-reg and three years on from graduating, the thought in my head lingers..."I have properly 'Adulted.'

Firstly we can no longer say 'I'm newly qualified' or retreat to the safety of a Pre-Reg tutor. That's right you're an RP and your name is visible for everyone to see.

On that note I would like to congratulate all the newly qualified pharmacists; you too, somewhere in the next 365 days, will also feel much more can only use the 'I'm newly qualified' gig for so long.

I've been very lucky to have gained a wealth of experience in the past year, experience which has allowed me to learn things they do NOT teach you in university. Working as a locum with Locate a Locum in various independent pharmacies, in different communities across the U.K. and Ireland has allowed me to taper my skills and combine the knowledge of other pharmacy professionals to help me up to this point in my career.

The main things I've learned is that having a good support system of colleagues is a great tool to safe and successful practise. All staff play a key part in the safe and successful running of our shops and dispensers deserve a bloody medal!

It's important to ask questions and consult other healthcare professionals and it's always better to get a second opinion, so never be afraid to ask.

I now work as a relief pharmacist for a very well known company which has an amazing support system and great learning opportunities for staff. I am always learning and always enhancing my skills to be the best pharmacist I can be.

As our role evolves and changes due to mounting pressures on the heath system, it's important to keep learning, keep striving to be the best we can be. Most importantly, we must always have our patients' care and safety at the centre of all we do...

Just a year ago, Rebecca was a locum with Locate a Locum, working throughout Northern Ireland and having a blast! If you want more locum shifts in your town or city, check out our locum platform!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team