Pharmacy is a cornerstone of healthcare, providing essential services to communities across the globe. But, like any profession, it faces its share of pressing issues. So, what are the biggest challenges facing pharmacy today?

We're here to explore these challenges and, more importantly, to offer solutions to empower your pharmacy. Before we dive into the biggest challenges facing pharmacy today, you can explore here how our platform connects you with over 36,000 compliant locums, ensuring your pharmacy operates smoothly.

1. Staffing Shortages: A Growing Dilemma

  • Severe Shortage of Compliant Pharmacists and Dispensers: Finding skilled, compliant pharmacy professionals is increasingly challenging. As a pharmacy manager, you must juggle staff shortages and patient needs.
  • Imbalance of Incoming and Outgoing Workforce: Fewer students are enrolling in pharmacy programs, leading to a shortage of fresh talent. Simultaneously, experienced pharmacists are retiring, creating an imbalance that strains the workforce.
  • Changing Attitudes About Work: Prospective employees seek flexibility and remote options. Adapting to these shifting preferences presents a unique challenge for pharmacy recruitment.
  • Increased Demands and Stressors: The pharmacy profession is experiencing heightened workloads and responsibilities. Pharmacists often take on expanded roles as essential healthcare providers, amplifying their stress levels.
  • Pharmacists Taking on Expanded Roles: With patients relying more on pharmacists for various services, the workload is increasing. Dealing with this while maintaining quality pharmacy services is a balancing act.
  • Strategies for Staff Wellness and Resilience: The profession must develop strategies to tackle burnout while ensuring quality services. Solutions may include telehealth, flexible scheduling, and a renewed focus on salaries and staff wellbeing.

3. Technology & Automation: The Road to Efficiency

  • Massive Growth of Automation in Pharmacy: Pharmacy automation is booming, but not all pharmacies have embraced these technologies. The result is an industry divided between cutting-edge efficiency and outdated processes.
  • Streamlining Workflow and Reducing Errors: Technology helps streamline operations, reduce the risk of errors, and enhance patient care. To stay competitive, pharmacies must harness the power of automation.
  • Processes Need Updating to Leverage Technology: It's not just about adopting technology; it's about using it effectively. Outdated processes can hinder your pharmacy's ability to benefit from these innovations.

4. The Cost of Living: A Balancing Act

  • Fall in Dispensing Fees: Decreasing dispensing fees challenge pharmacy revenues. Pharmacies must explore new revenue streams and services to counterbalance this financial setback.
  • Rising Expenses Due to Supply Chain Disruptions: Supply chain issues increase expenses and eat into profits. Preparing for and adapting to these disruptions is critical for financial stability.
  • Needing to Provide More Services and Clinics: Expanding services, such as clinics and health screenings, becomes a financial necessity. These services supplement revenues and help your pharmacy thrive.

5. Drug Pricing and Shortages: A Continuing Struggle

  • Continual Rise in Drug Prices: The cost of medications continues to soar, straining both patients and pharmacies. Understanding and managing these price increases is crucial.
  • Supply Chain Costs and Disruptions: Supply chain disruptions have been magnified by the pandemic. Inventory management and sourcing alternatives are essential skills for modern pharmacies.
  • Time Spent Finding Alternatives: Wasted time and resources are a result of searching for substitute medications. Effective strategies are needed to streamline these processes.

Having outlined some of the biggest challenges facing pharmacy today, it’s time to tackle them head on. At Locate a Locum, we grasp the intricacies of pharmacy management and the workforce crisis. Our platform empowers your pharmacy with efficient locum solutions, helping you tackle these challenges head-on.

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