At the end of 2019 we asked for your opinion of Locate A Locum in an NPS survey so that we could understand how satisfied you are with us. The results reflected that despite having some good feedback, we still had a lot of work to do to get our product up to scratch! So, in this blog we would like to share with you the results of the 2019 survey and what we have been doing since then to improve and grow.

''Shifts don't get removed when they are booked by somebody else and it takes forever for somebody to get back to you if you want to negotiate a rate, in which time the shift may no longer be available or you've booked somewhere else''.

Help Centre Refresh:

We are pleased to say that we have improved our help centre, adding in more FAQs from our locums so that, without our help, you can independently find the answers you are looking for. Our help centre includes step by step processes and even video tutorials showing you how to get the most out of using our platform.

Negotiation Feature:

Our negotiation feature allows you to negotiate with the pharmacy so that you can put forward your request for the rate you want. It is important to note that your negotiation is at the discretion of the pharmacy you are trying to negotiate with. However, we would like to announce that all shifts starting in the next 30 days are negotiable. So please do take advantage of this and get negotiating!

Want to know how to use our negotiation feature? No problem, just click here

‘’ We need more filters on the Locate a Locum platform - for instance, filter by company, computer system’’

New Website - Meaning a better user experience:

Following the launch of our new website this year, our platform and website is now much more user friendly and interactive. As a result, we have numerous new filters including, filtering shifts by rate, date added and start date.

New Resource: Computer System

According to our research and our NPS survey, the majority of our locums have stated that by not knowing how to use the PMR systems, which tend to vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, it prevents them from wanting to apply for locum shifts there. As a way of trying to help combat this barrier, we have created our own PMR resources guide that all pharmacists can use. This includes the pharmacy name, the PMR system that they use, and a link to the official how to guide.

We created this guide in the format of a blog which you can view HERE. Or, you can view it in our help centre HERE.

''Better response to locum shift requests''.

From our database, we are pleased to say that we have been able to increase our conversation rating and communication with our locums by 78.8%. By hiring more members into our team, hosting our first ever series of locum webinars and increasing our FAQ’s on our help centre, we are pleased that we are positively moving in the right direction towards improving our communications with our Locums and providing useful and relevant resources to help in the day to day.

''Invoice generator for Boots stores, income/tax estimator to help with filing tax returns''.

We are excited to announce that we have added this to our upcoming roadmap for 2021 and we will be looking into ways that we can streamline this invoice data for our Locums.

Stay tuned for some exciting things to come in 2021!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team