At Locate A Locum, We have found that payment errors cost an average £10,000 per year. Even more worryingly, in some cases, these numbers extend up to £50,000.

What can be done about these startling numbers? To achieve perfect accuracy in regards to payments is clearly key, with intentions of increasing sales and boosting business overall, but human error is inherent with any work.

We believe that the answer is within technology which can achieve the 100% accuracy which people lack. This platform reduces admin work and aims to alleviate these sorts of unnecessary expenditures.

Repeat payments

With our platform, pharmacy managers can set up repeat payments for regular staff for particular times and amounts. This alleviates the need to manually make the bank transfer or payment, and gives employees more confidence in the timing and regularity of payments.

Bank transfers usually take between 3-5 days. With Locate a Locum’s platform, these BACS payments can be set up and received in less than 1 day.

Reduce stress

Admin tasks are distracting from the overall running of a business, and contribute to feelings of stress. Stress and mistakes, of course, have been well documented to go hand in hand. These simple, manual tasks are obviously necessary and unavoidable, but rethinking how we do them, can help free up managers’ time and headspace.

With our platform, shifts and payments can be viewed clearly on a dashboard, and if not recurring, payments can be reviewed and confirmed with the click of a button.

Relying on our technology allows optician managers and owners to concentrate on the larger, more creative matters of running their business: increasing sales and improving revenue.

100% accuracy

Of course, the key advantage here is that the platform does not make mistakes and thus is guaranteed to save money where previously managers and owners may have lost it. This directly impacts revenue and helps to boost the business overall, with money reinvested in training, expansion and other advancements, instead of wasted.

If you’re interested in Locate a Locum’s platform, please have a look at our brochure. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via our website.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team