Single shifts are easy enough to fill. It’s the gaps that can be the real time-drain.

If you are an employer searching for a new and easy way to fill gaps in your schedule, you’ve come to right place. Up until now, creating spreadsheet after spreadsheet of gap information, which then requires processing and emailed to either an agency or us here at Locate a Locum was the only way to manage the gaps in your shifts. However, we have decided that this method is much too time-consuming. You should be able to organise these shifts in, say, one click.

That’s where the Gap Uploader comes in

With this handy new feature, organising your shift gaps has never been easier. Simply down our easy-to-use template, and then upload directly to Locate a Locum - skip the emails and processing entirely.

You don’t even have to ignore your favourite agencies when you choose this method. You are able to link to the agencies so that they can help you fill your shifts, too.

So, skip the spreadsheets and go for the faster, neater way of filling your gap schedules now.

Locate a Locum is available to download at Apple and Google Play.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team