Great news, we’re updating our ‘Shifts’ page and adding a ‘People’ page to make our platform even more user-friendly for employers. We’ve improved the user interface and added some new features based on feedback we’ve gained from our users.

What’s new on the Shifts page?

  • You will notice we have updated the user interface with navigation now down the left of the page instead of tabbed, as previously displayed. The navigation is the same as it was before, the position has just changed

  • 'Add Shifts' button top right which will take you to your ‘Post Gaps' page

Shifts Page - Navigation

  • We have also added new filters for searching - instead of having a drop-down menu to filter by job type, for instance, we now have a ‘Add filter option next to the date range selector. You can add a number of different filters here such as Job type, Shift ID, and location. To remove filters you simply, click the red ‘x’ icon next to each filter (shown below).

Shifts Page - Filters

  • On the ‘Booked’ shifts tab there are now more filters available: Here you can now filter by source, agency, or term. ‘Term’ allows you to enter free text and results will match filtered results

Shifts Page - added filters

  • Shift Options button has been updated - to view the shift you can now simply click on the date and that will take you to the shift page, quick edit can be accessed through the options button to the right of the shift. The new shift notes option launches a notes modal which allows you to quickly make public and internal notes

Shift Page - Options

  • Shift Notes Modal - This will you to add notes to a shift quickly and easily. The notes modal is tabbed allowing you to input internal notes (private to the organisation) and Locum Notes (public and accessible on the shift page)

Shift Page - Notes Modal

  • Notes reflected on the shift page (shown below)

Shift Page - Applicant Notes

  • Bulk Actions - The bulk action functionality remains the same. The position of the button has changed (shown below)

Shift Page - Bulk Actions

The New ‘People’ page

You will notice the main navigation menu has now changed, the new ‘People’ page is the combination of the old ‘Users’ page (previously found via the cog drop-down menu) and the ‘Locums’ Page (which was in the main navigation).

People Page - Navigation

  • Users are now referred to as employees

  • Search filtering has been updated and now allows you to input text (for example an employee’s name).

People Page - Filters

  • The left navigation now expands allowing you to group employees by Job Types (shown below)

People Page - Left Navigation

  • New filters have also been added to the “people’ page allowing you to search Locums by: Term, Type, Location, and now Range (so you can now find locums within 1 mile of a particular location)

People Page - Filters

  • Similar to the ‘Shifts’ page, bulk actions can be made by clicking the checkbox to the left of users or locums

This update will go live within the next 7 days.

If you would like further information on our products you can visit our Help Centre for full documentation.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team