Recently Sarah Murray, Growth Marketer at Locate a Locum, held a Q&A session with Thorrun Govind. Thorrun holds many accolades and titles, she is the youngest-ever chair of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society English board whilst also working as a community pharmacist.

In 2018 she was named ‘Young Pharmacist of the Year’ by Pharmacy Business Magazine and awarded a ‘Pharmacy Champion’ Award by Greater Manchester Local Practice Network. Outside of her pharmacy career, she is also a qualified lawyer specialising in healthcare. Thorrun stated she wants to "uplift the profession" and cites "career satisfaction" as a driving force to her passion and success.

"I absolutely love Pharmacy and love law so everything to me is pretty much enjoyable. Obviously there's aspects of any role that are going to be particularly difficult or challenging but I think I have a lot of career satisfaction and that's what's been really key to me throughout everything I've done. I just think if I don't enjoy something I'm not going to waste my time trying to force myself to like it, and I guess I've been quite lucky as I like what I do." - Thorrun Govind

Thorrun is an advocate for pharmacy and healthcare and uses her media personality to further her message. She is a regular contributor to BBC and Sky whilst also using Twitter and LinkedIn to offer advice and guidance on industry news and challenges.

You can view the entire Q&A session here or at the link below:

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