Great news, we have launched Rate Negotiation through our mobile app both on android and iPhone, this will allow locums to negotiate for shifts from their mobile device.

This is yet another amazing new feature that will streamline the negotiation process for locums.

As mentioned previously, this powerful new feature will allow you to negotiate rates directly with the pharmacy, saving you time and allowing you to negotiate a rate and/or mileage that will work for you!

This short screen recording will allow you to see how Rate Negotiation works in practice via our mobile app.


  • You will have the opportunity to negotiate both shift rate and/or mileage via your mobile
  • Negotiating a shift rate on your mobile means you will never miss out on a shift
  • This will be a direct communication line to the shift coordinator, who will also have access to negotiations via their app, meaning you will no longer have to make multiple phone calls.
  • You’ll find out much quicker if the pharmacy is willing to pay the rate you have requested, allowing you to either book the day or look for alternative work.

If you have any feedback on this excellent new development please let us know by emailing , alternatively you can leave us a Google Review here.

Download the update here: App Store & Play Store.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team