Today we’re launching our new website, which features our product refresh.

We’re really excited to share with you the results of some of the work we have been doing behind the scenes.

We love our new look and what it represents and we hope you do too, below I’ve explained some of the thinking behind it.

Why the change?

The new look encapsulates what we’re all about, the old website no longer did.

The old website, both look and feel and content was outdated and no longer completely represented Locate a Locum’s mission, vision, and values.

Our mission is to Mobilise the World’s Healthcare Workforce, we are now much more than a simply a locum booking platform, we provide End to End Healthcare Workforce Management.

So, what is End to End Workforce Management?

Let me explain…

Stepping into new markets

For the first time, we have expanded our offering outside the pharmacy market and have stepped into Health & Social Care. Being a pharmacist it was only natural that we began in an industry that I had experienced but it has always been my long term vision that our products could be used across all healthcare markets.

Health and Social Care represents one of the largest healthcare markets and we have already proven that our product suite can have a positive impact on workforce management in Care Homes. Don’t take our word for it, watch our latest testimonial here.

New Look, Same Values

Whilst we’re changing our look, we still work to the same values as an organisation. We’ll continue to create partnerships with our customers and users, understand what success looks like, and collectively work towards it. And we’ll continue to work as One Team showing empathy and respect along the way.

Whether you are a healthcare worker who is looking for flexible work opportunities or a healthcare organisation who wants to streamline workforce management, fill in the below form and we'll send you some more information.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team