Reporting on your pharmacy is a necessary part of growing your business. It helps identify problems within the business and helps to provide data-driven actions in order to solve such issues.

Manual reporting, however, can be time consuming and is open to human error. It is another admin task which many if not all of us would prefer to avoid completely.

Locate a Locum’s reporting platform, however, generates reports automatically, alleviating the requirement to compile reports at all. It’s as simple as a few clicks - filtering dates, staff, and payments can all be done instantly.

So, what reports should you be looking at to better understand your pharmacy and how to grow it? Let’s go through what we consider to be the most important five reporting types.


Reporting on the financial health of your pharmacy is a basic necessity. Without reporting, you risk repeating financial errors, such as paying above industry standards for staff, and allocating budget within the pharmacy poorly.

With Locate a Locum’s reporting platform, a dashboard quickly informs managers as to how much money has been spent on staff and allows them to work through invoices and specific payments, too. This provides full financial oversight - an essential for managers and owners hoping to boost revenue.


Shift reports help to identify where there may be any shift gaps, how many floating, vacant shifts you are yet to fill, and, in general, help reduce the risk of staff shortages at the pharmacy. Staff shortages are obviously particularly painful for any pharmacy as they come with financial penalties from regulators and therefore should be avoided as much as possible.

Again, the Locate a Locum dashboard provides easy insight into your shift schedules. It includes shifts which have been advertised to locums, those which have yet to be filled, and how many shifts you have in the system in total. These, of course, do not require manual adding but are automatic and readily available whenever needs be.

Governance compliance

It’s crucial to make sure all of your employees comply with government regulations. To fail to meet governance compliance is to run the risk of financial penalties. Therefore, keeping record of documentation which has been submitted, yet to be submitted, and when it expires is an important part of understanding your pharmacy and helping it to grow.

Locate a Locum’s pharmacy technology helps identify governance compliance issues with staff by allowing you to see who has up to date, outdated or soon to expire documentation. It also allows you to filter by those who have fitness to practise issues against them, allowing you to make better decisions in regards to your staffing.

Employee types

Understanding where your employees are coming from is important for planning future schedules. For example, if you find that locums make up the majority of your floating staff and are more cost effective than agency locums, then you can invest more time and energy in finding the most qualified, best suited employees.

With Locate a Locum, managers can see how their budget has been allocated between different types of staff, as well as the total amount spent on agency fees. This gives immediate financial clarity and actionable data for future decision making.

Overall, reporting is simply an essential of any business. It is akin to a dental checkup, providing clarity on the failings of your pharmacy and pointing to the solutions for a better, healthier future for your pharmacy.

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Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team