Revalidation for pharmacy professional - helps people who use a pharmacy professionals services know their trust is well placed. For pharmacy professionals, revalidation will help you keep skills and knowledge up to date.

There are 4 things that make up Revalidation:

  1. Annual renewal
  2. CPD - This has now changed, instead of submitting nine records you will now only need to submit four.
  3. Peer Discussion - this should be an open and honest interaction about your practice with another professional you trust and respect. If you are a locum you can network with Locate a Locum’s community and find a suitable peer to speak to.
  4. Reflective account - you will be asked to explain how you are meeting one of the standards in your practice.

What are the benefits of revalidation?

Revalidation encourages you to keep your skills up to date, continually improve your professional development, and maintain your awareness of the public’s needs.

Revalidation gives employers confidence that your practise is effective and up to date, and helps the GPHC understand how pharmacy professionals continually develop, as well as helping to maintain professional standards.

What do you have to do and when?

Each time your registration renewal is due, you will need to submit records of these activities which you’ve carried out over the previous year, to meet the revalidation requirement part of your registration renewal.

The GPHC will communicate with you to explain how to sign up and submit the new elements of revalidation. Once you have submitted your revalidation the GPHC will select a sample of submissions and provide tailored feedback.

If you would like to know more, you can view the GPHCs checklist here.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team