In our latest rates study, we take an in-depth look at the trends in locum optometrist rates from the 1st of July to the 30th of September 2022.Locum optometrist rates have been a hot topic within the optical industry for the last few years.Due to various factors, the demand for locum optometrists is at an all-time high and this increased demand is impacting locum rates.


We analysed 13,386 locum optometrist shifts booked on the Locate a Locum platform between July 1st, 2022, and September 30th, 2022. We then took a closer look at this data and analysed the average locum optometrist rate of booked/worked shifts. With these findings, we were able to look in detail at the average locum optometrist rate by city.

In the interest of complete accuracy, the below rates were taken from booked/worked shifts by locum optometrists in a 3-month period (Quarter).

Using this data gives a clear picture of supply and demand by region and city.

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