A Sense of Community

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, pride and gratification has surged in communities as they witness the increase in Locum Pharmacists coming forward to help out fellow professionals and pharmacies that are under enormous amounts of pressure. With GP Surgeries closing and sending their scripts to Pharmacies, this has put Pharmacists on the front line at a greater risk of catching COVID-19. Whilst it has been reported that a lot of these workers are facing huge concerns over the health and well-being of themselves, they have growing concerns that this disease will be passed across to their families and loved ones. However, this does not seem to stop them from rallying together to fight against COVID-19.

As a company, we provide an on demand technology through our website and app which allows thousands of Pharmacies around the UK to be paired with over 12,000 Pharmacists. We have one of the largest databases of registered healthcare professionals in the UK and throughout this difficult time, we are proud to be able to provide this service to join in and support healthcare workers as seamlessly as possible.

Our research on our platform to date, has shown us that there has been a huge increase in Pharmacists who want to work in order to give tired and sick Pharmacists a break/relief. We have also been able to assist a number of ex-pharmacists who want to re-register and become compliant in order to help out their communities and other industry professionals throughout this difficult period. No, one, I think, will dispute the heroism that these healthcare professionals have demonstrated, risking their own wellbeing to help their colleagues and maintain such high levels of care and professionalism to their patients and customers.

Proud to be a Pharmacist

There is no doubt that this global outbreak will have long lasting, game changing ramifications. The healthcare sector is being squeezed and pressure continues to build by the day. However, in light of all this, our core mission at Locate A Locum, is to ensure that Pharmacies stay open as we understand that without their sacrifice and courage, society would be truly lost. Locate A Locum is in one of the more fortunate positions, as we are able to assist these Pharmacies, by using our large database of healthcare professionals, to get retired pharmacists and Locums, back into work in communities that are in need of this support.

Our CEO and qualified Pharmacist, Jonathon Clarke had this to say,

‘I am overwhelmed how the Pharmacy Profession has reacted to this challenge and it has made me truly proud to be a Pharmacist. Pharmacists and Pharmacy Staff are willing to put their own health at risk to ensure the health of their patients remain a first priority’.

A Few Words From Our Frontline Heros

Pharmacies are currently at their busiest and this is reflected in the rates being offered by Pharmacies throughout the UK. Rebecca Maguire, working as a pharmacist in Woodbourne Pharmacy, Northern Ireland, says

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“As if community pharmacy wasn’t stressful already, working at the minute is very scary. Pharmacists are exposed but continue to serve the community as best we can. I think Pharmacy staff are the most crucial healthcare staff at the minute in the community and we would just like respect.’

Another Locum pharmacists who wished to remain anonymous, stated,

“I think it’s essential in times of distress that as community Locums we are supporting the maintenance in the consistency of healthcare advice, prescription provision and reassurance to the public in order to support our secondary care health professionals in hospitals to allow them to treat the vulnerable patients affected by the virus.

There’s definitely a tangible air of uncertainty and concern whilst working but being physically available and providing up to date advice and reassurance to patients and customers is the chief reason why I’ve decided to continue during this time.”

A Final Word From Us

If you are a registered pharmacist and want to join in this fight alongside your fellow industry professionals then please do get in touch via email info@locatealocum.com or sign up to our platform directly. It is true when they say not all heroes wear capes, some work long hours, are patient in keeping an already stressed population calm and are sacrificing breaks and days off, for the care of the public.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team