Optometry Today recently published an article detailing the variety of careers that locum optometrist work brings. According to a survey they conducted in 2018, with over 2,000 optometrist respondents, results showed that more than 1 in 4 (27%) worked as locums and 88% highlighted the flexibility that locum working brings as the main reason they chose to do this line of work.

Specialist consultant

One of the locum optometrists within the article works part-time as a specialist optometrist providing cataract consultations and other community-based ophthalmology services. This role involves reviewing biometry data and assessing patients for other potential causes of reduced visual acuity before discussing the risks and benefits of cataract surgery.

This locum optometrist stated that this extended role has benefited his work as a locum by boosting his confidence especially when consulting on cataract surgery with patients.

Research and academia

Yet another career path for locum optometrists is the field of research and academia. An optometrist included in the article obtained their doctorate degree which allows them to lecture both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

They also locum when available to ensure their independent prescribing skills remain current and up to date. If you’re interested in research and further education this pathway is sure to encourage collaboration and engagement with multiple groups of people including patients, students, and colleagues.

Get involved with your local optometric committee

Working as a locum optometrist it is easy to miss vital information that is being shared from local committees to practices due to changing shift patterns. If you feel passionate about driving change in the local communities you serve it could be advantageous for you to reach out and get involved with your local body.

The locum optometrist included in this section of the article cited it was her work in socioeconomic deprivation that encouraged her to work alongside the commmitte to ensure all members of society had access to eyecare.

We’ve provided these useful links below for you to easily find the one relevant to you and to see what work they do.

1. England 2. Scotland 3. Wales 4. Northern Ireland

Represent optometrists at Association of Optometrists

Representing optometrists on the AOP council is a role that comes with a lot of responsibility. It is well suited for those looking to influence and guide policy to ensure that the profession is upheld to the highest standard and also encourages those interested to begin a career in optometry.

“With issues such as COVID-19, the optometry apprenticeship and the Education Strategic Review affecting our profession, I felt that now more than ever, it was really important to have strong voices on the AOP Council,” says this locum optometrist who is also the Welsh representative for the council.

Get in contact

If you are a locum optometrist or are interested in becoming one, get in contact with sammy@locatealocum.com who will be able to advise you on the process of getting started with us. We have multiple roles available on the platform nationwide for optometrists, dispensing opticians and contact lenses opticians, you can view them here. We are currently recruiting locum optometrists in multiple areas across the UK. A full list is available here.

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