As results day approaches this Friday, sometimes the last few days of waiting can be more stressful than the build up to the exam. To alleviate some of this pressure we have put together advice and guidance below on how to best prepare for your results.

1. Be aware that you can’t change the past

Your anxious feelings can be a positive sign as it shows how much you care about the results of your registration exam. But remember that you cannot change the past so there is no point dwelling on what you should have written for a question or what you think you wrote.

2. Talk to someone

Talk to someone you trust about how you’re feeling, expressing your emotions and feeling understood can help improve your mood. The person you talk to may have ideas that can help you out as well.

3. Maintain a daily routine

Maintaining a daily routine is useful to ensure you aren't dwelling on results day or allowing your mind to go to worst case scenario. Ensure you are regularly exercising and maintaining a balanced diet. Whilst you should always be aiming for 8 hours of sleep per night, this is particularly important leading up to results day.

4. Make time for yourself

One of the best ways to handle anxiety is to make time for ourselves. Think of something you like to do, whether that’s playing sport, reading, watching films, or any other activity that makes you feel good. Try to spend some time doing these things as a way to unwind and take your mind off exam results.

All the best from Locate a Locum

We wish all pre-registration pharmacists luck for their results day, we are sure your hard work will have paid off. It is such an accomplishment completing your GPhC regisration exam so you should be proud of yourselves.

Once you receive your results please do get in contact with us to discuss your career options, whether that be locum work or a permanent full time role. Our recruitment team offer a matchmaking service for clients, if you're unsure of what route you would like to explore, speak to Melissa and Ciaran for advice and guidance.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team