It started with a Tweet and snowballed from there. Sometimes viral Tweets aren’t very useful, especially when cats are involved but in complete contrast, this tweet by Kweku Andrew Bimpong and following thread is hugely valuable, especially to incoming Pre-Registration Pharmacists.

IMG 5648

We’ve collated the best responses below and some of them are absolute gold for fresh Pre-Reg’s.

A lot of the advice under the hashtag #PreRegTopTip mention staying calm, taking your time and asking questions!

Some advice was more simple and a little bit tongue and cheek, with many suggesting that making Tea is a good place to start.

Another common theme was getting enough sleep because every day your brain will be working in overdrive.

You can read the whole thread here and benefit from the contributing industry experts knowledge and experience. If you need any further hints, tips or career advice you can contact our expert team!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team