As a pharmacy manager, we understand the challenges you face with staffing levels, ensuring continuity of care for your local communities and eliminating costly closures of your pharmacy. Finding locum pharmacists and managing your workload is increasingly difficult in the current climate where locum rates are rising whilst some argue there is a shortage of pharmacists in the UK.

Handling all of this is difficult, so we ask you, what could you do with an extra 8 hours every week?

With this in mind, we ask what could you do with an extra 8 hours a week? With the help of our workforce management platform you could begin to automate your processes from managing rota, leave and payments. Give back control to your shift coordinators by providing them with the tools to ensure your branches are fully staffed all year round.

Benefits and processes

We’ve highlighted some of the benefits of using Locate a Locum's workforce management solution below and what the process would look like if you were interested in finding out more.

Guaranteed 100% compliant staff

You can rest assured that all staff booked via Locate a Locum are 100% compliant. Before being approved on our platform, pharmacy staff have to provide essential documents. These include their GPhC registration numbers, indemnity insurance, DBS check and relevant accreditations.

What if my team aren’t tech-savvy?

If you’re concerned that your staff may not be tech-savvy do not worry. We understand that your employees may not be native technology users, but it is certainly a concern that is raised often with our team. You can reassure your staff that our app is designed with them, and you, in mind.

Our technology is advanced and the capabilities are many, but the layout of our app and platform is simple and easy to follow. Our app is available on the App Store meaning it has to meet certain requirements for usability and we are happy to report that we exceed this.

Onboarding Process

We understand it can be overwhelming to choose a technology to implement into your business. That is why our team at Locate a Locum are here to support you:

  • Identify the pain points in your locum recruitment, manage leave requests and streamline payroll.
  • Explain how our industry-leading locum management solution, can help alleviate these issues.
  • Show you how user-friendly our platform really is, with our online live demo.
  • Ask us questions - whatever worries or concerns you may have, let us know! We work closely with our clients and development team to ensure that the platform meets your needs.
  • Once you’ve decided to move forward with Locate a Locum we will hand you over to our dedicated onboarding team who will assist you in launching our solution within your care home.
  • You will then be passed to our customer success team who will offer ongoing support to you and your team to ensure you receive the maximum benefits from the platform.

Get in contact

To receive further information on our locum management system you can contact our team at and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss our full suite of features and how they can benefit your pharmacy.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team