What Happens When I Cancel A Shift?

Life happens. People get sick and extenuating circumstances can lead to pharmacists cancelling shifts. However, there are always consequences to this. And the consequences aren’t limited to your relationship with Locate a Locum.

A Pharmacy May Close

We’re all aware of the ‘responsible pharmacist’ legislation. If a pharmacy can’t open, they incur a fine of up to £10,000. The pharmacy can lose a day of trade and the other staff in that premises can lose out on a wage. Patients also suffer and prescriptions are not administered.

The Pharmacy May Not Hire You Again

Working in a pharmacy on a regular basis as a locum is the dream. You become familiar with processes and you get to know the patients. If you cancel a shift, the hiring pharmacy may not take you back into that premises. Pharmacies need a reliable workforce.

Your Locate a Locum Profile Is Affected

When you apply for a shift with Locate a Locum, the hiring manager can see your professional profile. This has many advantages as the pharmacy can see your accreditations and can see the number of shifts that you have worked. However, they can also see what shifts you’ve cancelled or failed to turn up for. Not only may the pharmacy who you cancelled on not hire you again, but other hiring pharmacies may not want to take you on either.

Your Own Personal Financial Loss

The average daily rate for pharmacists working through Locate a Locum is £216. If you cancel your shift for whatever reason, you lose out financially, as well as contributing to the previous factors that we’ve laid out.

How To Avoid Cancellations

If you book shifts well in advance, make sure to keep an eye on your diary. We can all be forgetful, so your Locate a Locum diary can keep you informed of what shifts you have coming up.

Only book shifts in places that you’re comfortable communing to. You may see an excellent rate in a pharmacy that’s 50/60 miles away, but closer to the time your enthusiasm for travel may have diminished. When you book a shift, you cannot start to negotiate a rate. A successful application occurs in the understanding that you will work for the shift at the rate that was advertised.

Our Official Cancellations Policy

If an Applicant is unable to attend a Session which has been booked, it must notify the Pharmacy immediately. Cancellations outside a 28 day timeframe may be subject to a cancellation fee of £25 per session. If the applicant does not notify the pharmacy, the cancellation fee is increased to £50 per session.

You can find out more information on our terms and conditions page.

How to book more shifts?

Check out our locum platform and start booking more locum shifts in the areas which suit you, and at rates that you’re happy with!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Locate a Locum Team